Meeting Agenda 2019-12-11




DECEMBER 11, 2019

NOTICE is hereby given that the Board of Directors of Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 8 (the “District”) of Montgomery County, Texas will meet in regular session, open to the public, on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2019, at 9:00 A.M., at the Walden Yacht Club, 13101 Melville Drive, Montgomery, Texas 77356, at which meeting the following items will be discussed:

Por la presente se notifica que la Junta Directiva del Distrito Municipal de Prestación de Servicios Públicos del Condado de Montgomery nro. 8 del Condado de Montgomery, Texas llevará a cabo una reunión ordinaria, abierta al público, el MIÉRCOLES, 11 DE DICIEMBRE DE 2019, a las 9:00 A.M., en el Walden Yacht Club, 13101 Melville Drive, Montgomery, Texas 77356, para analizar los siguientes temas y tomar las medidas necesarias al respecto:

1. Consideration of public comments: (Members of the public who desire to address the Board of Directors must complete the Request to Speak form and return the completed form to the Board President prior to the start of the meeting);

2. Approval of minutes, including:
a. November 13, 2019 regular meeting; and
b. November 25, 2019 special meeting;

3. Tax Assessor/Collector’s Report, including review of collection report;

4. Bookkeeper’s Report, including:
a. review and approve financial reports;
b. authorize payment of bills;
c. review cash flows;
d. approve Order Adopting Budget (General Fund) for Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2020; and
e. approve Order Adopting Budget (Wastewater Treatment Plant) for Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2020;

5. Engineer’s Report, including:
a. status of WWTP Improvement Project;
b. status of Thoreau Drive Storm Sewer Rehabilitation Projects;
c. status of design of Drainage Improvements Project, Phase II; and
d. status of MCMUD No. 9 Buckingham Water Plant Improvements Project;

6. Status of removal of dead trees at WWTP;

7. Operator’s Report, including:
a. review monthly water and wastewater operations, including discuss options for removal of large solids (rags);
b. report on delinquent accounts and authorize service terminations;
c. review Catahoula operations, including authorize submittal of Application to Amend Alternative Water Source (“AWS”) Production Permit to Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (“LSGCD”);
d. review annual Groundwater Credit Report;
e. review LSGCD pumpage; and
f. status of valve location project;

8. Update on District’s website and communications services;

9. Miscellaneous Reports, including:
a. Walden Community Improvement Association;
b. MUD 9 Regular Meeting; and
c. LSGCD Meeting;

10. Confirm engagement of Auditor for preparation of audit for fiscal year ending December 31, 2019;

11. Review 2020 Annual Agenda;

12. Renew membership in Association of Water Board Directors;

13. Discuss insurance renewal/request for proposals (expires 3/15/2020);

14. Review District’s Ethics Policy and expense reimbursements; amend if necessary;

15. Status of submittal of Annual Water Loss Audit to Texas Water Development Board;

16. Authorize Director attendance at the Post Issuance Tax-Exempt Debt Compliance Officer training seminar on February 8, 2020;

17. Attorney’s Report, including:
a. update on status of sale of property to Montgomery County ESD No. 2;
b. update on matters related to installation of utilities in public utility easements;
c. update on conveyance of property to Walden Community Improvement Association;
d. adopt Resolution Regarding Public Information Maintained on Privately Owned Devices;
e. authorize Eminent Domain reporting compliance pursuant to Texas Government Code, Section 2206.151-157, as amended; and
f. update on status of the District and MUD 9 Annual Report to the San Jacinto River Authority and City of Huntsville;

18. Annual review of agreements with City of Huntsville, including:
a. Option to Purchase and Agreement to Pursue Water Supply; and
b. Water Supply Agreement;

19. Election Agenda:
Orden Del Día Referente a la Elección:
a. update on May 2, 2020 Directors Election matters, and take any necessary actions on same; and
actualización sobre los asuntos de la Elección de Directores del 2 de mayo de 2020, y tomar las medidas necesarias al respect; y
b. approve Election Services Agreement and Joint Election Agreement with Montgomery County;
aprobar el Convenio de Servicios Electorales y el Convenio de Elecciones Conjuntas con el Condado de Montgomery;

20. Executive Session, as necessary;
a. as may be permitted by Sec. 551.072, Texas Gov’t Code, concerning real estate, security, litigation, or matters involving attorney-client privilege;
b. reconvene in Open Session; and
c. vote on matters discussed in Executive Session, if any.

EXECUTED this 5th day of December, 2019.

December 11, 2019 Agenda Signature

December 11, 2019 Agenda Signature